All You Need To Know About Onboarding Your Employees Right

Posted by Cathy Reilly

The onboarding process is essential to setting new employees up for success. One wrong move can make it harder for a new hire to adjust, or worse, make them want to quit. And that’s why your onboarding process needs to be about more than just filling out HR forms and checklists.

In our new infographic below, you’ll find some easy tips and steps that will help you improve your onboarding. Some highlights about getting employees off on the right foot include:

  • Only 32% of organizations have formal onboarding programs.
  • 31% of employees have quit a job within 6 months of being hired.
  • 75% of employees that were satisfied with their onboarding experience say they’re loyal to their employer.
  • 91% of managers feel their company doesn’t do onboarding well.

Check out the full infographic to find out how you can improve your onboarding program and give new employees the great start they deserve!


Which of these onboarding strategies have worked great for you? Let us know in the comments!

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