5 Things Every Temp Should Know About Your Company

Posted by Cathy Reilly

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Temporary employees are unrealized assets when placed for the first time inside a company. While it’s worthwhile to have a temp fill a talent gap that exists, temps do bring something else with them upon their initial arrival, and that is a knowledge gap. There is simply no way around having to educate temps to get them up and running into productivity and familiarized into the culture at your company.

Since training temps can happen in a snapshot fashion over what permanent employees experience, carefully consider timeliness mixed with high impact. Create training for temps new to your company, that helps them gain perspective and a sense of purpose in the unfamiliar waters they are about to navigate. Provide temps with some basic wisdoms and a dose of rationale, which can be very powerful building blocks for better performance.

Here are 5 things every temp should know about your company when they start:

1.     Mission of the company: Describe in a simple and easy way what the mission of the company is so temps understand where they are. They should know what you do, why you do it and how your company is unique. Having this information gives a temp perspective on what they are a part of, even if it’s temporary.

2.     Mission of the assignment: Just like explaining the mission of the company, simply outline what the job is that they need to do. Tell them about your expectations of their work and timelines. Engage temps by giving them information and attention. Also, by getting their feedback. 

3.     Why people like working at the company: Temps are going to obtain all sorts of first impressions as they start. Give them insights as to what it is that makes this a place that people want to come to every day and be part of. This will help them understand their surroundings and the vibe flowing through it. In other words, the culture.

4.     What successful temps look like at your company: It’s all in the approach. Help temps create a positive vision of how they can add value. Do this by describing winning behaviors versus dictating a list of do’s and don’ts. Lead them with inspiration so they can paint a winning picture. Tell them a few stories as examples of how other temps achieved success on their assignments at the company.

5.     What tools to use for getting work done: Explain what tools, especially technical ones, are being used by the company. Have these tools ready for a temp’s usage upon arrival. These are the resources the temp will need to perform properly and complete their work. Provide temporary access, limited permission levels or passwords as necessary. Make whatever technical adjustments need to be made to suit a temporary employee.

Invest the time and effort into training temporary employees.  These unrealized assets, with a bit of learning and experience on the job, just might turn out to be one of your next best hires.

What might better educated temporary employees at your company mean to everyone’s time and productivity? Let us help you explore the possibilities. Call us at 800-771-8610, visit us at http://www.onboardia.com or Schedule a Demo today.

Cathy A. Reilly is the author of “The Temp Factor: The Complete Guide to Temporary Employment” and Founder/CEO of Onboardia, Inc., HR software.






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