7 Valuable Onboarding Messages That Will Help New Hires

Posted by Cathy Reilly

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As new hires go through your onboarding process, they learn about how the organization is structured, become familiar with their new team and are tasked with early goals to launch their development.

While we may be progressing in our onboarding processes, are we equally progressing in what we communicate to new hires? Essentially, employees want to know they are seen as individuals, they matter and will be well supported to grow - things found beyond a paycheck.  

Here are 7 valuable onboarding messages for new hires that help support the things employees seek from their new work experience.

  1. It’s a privilege. Each new employee has made an important career decision to join your company. They should understand that you recognize that and appreciate their choice to join you over other organizations. Appreciation never goes out of style. Don’t hesitate to show it.

  2. Be your best self. Each person adds their unique perspectives and experiences on top of their skills and abilities. It’s in their uniqueness, that you find the richness they bring to the job and value to the organization. Let your new hires know that you are interested in what makes them passionate about their work and what brings out their best self. See how that passion can be applied to their work. Let them know it’s OK to be authentic.

  3. You are your own CEO. Employees at all levels are ultimately responsible for their own success at the organization. Help new hires understand that they need to not only take advantage of opportunities that come their way, they should pursue them as well. They must be an active participant as an employee through the decisions they make and the growth they seek. The job is what the new hire will make of it.

  4. Respect over all. No organization can be successful without a foundation of respect. This applies in a 360 degree loop that encompasses employees, management, customers, guidelines and values of the company. Naturally, instances of stress and disagreement happen on the job, but make clear that all employees are held to a standard of mutual respect at all times in every direction. Respect at work also promotes open mindedness to new ideas and innovations.

  5. Mistakes are opportunities. New employees will generally have a dreaded fear of making a mistake. They don’t want to trigger a rethink on their being hired. Assure new hires that your organization knows mistakes happen but the bigger value in a mistake is learning from it. Doers make mistakes.

  6. It takes a village. Companies are made up of individuals (a plural word – more than one). Together we do more than we can alone. While new hires may excel in certain areas or be hired for specific strengths, they need to know that they are part of a collective effort that requires cooperation with processes, good communication and getting along well with others. The days of the company “superstar” have faded.

  7. You have a voice. Despite their newness to the company, their feedback matters. In fact, it’s essential. Be sure to provide an easy process for frequent intervals for employee feedback. With new hires, their comments are important in the early weeks and months following their start to monitor their transition into the new job and track their overall satisfaction. Start the habit of employee feedback right at the beginning.


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Cathy A. Reilly is the CEO & Founder of Onboardia, Inc., HR software, HR Consultant and the author of “The Temp Factor: The Complete Guide to Temporary Employment”.

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