Breaking Through the Artificial Intelligence Barrier in HR

Posted by Cathy Reilly


When I heard about Ben Eubank’s new book: Artificial Intelligence for HR, I knew it was a “must-read” for me, given some of my AI concerns in HR: How will AI impact the hiring processes, will it de-personalize employee experiences, overwhelm us with big data and what new skills will be needed to really be successful in HR of the future?

With Ben’s expertise, I knew his take on AI for HR would be valuable, plus I needed to break through my own AI barrier. I picked up Ben’s book and poured through it. It’s filled with clear information, supportive facts, insightful examples and key takeaways. I highly recommend this book as a staple for everyone in HR and add: Read it with a highlighter, since you’ll want to note many of the gems it contains.

I had the recent privilege to catch up with Ben about Artificial Intelligence for HR. Here’s how our discussion went:


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How To Be Creative With Your Flexible Work Options

Posted by Cathy Reilly

06.05.18 How to Be Creative w.Flex Work Options iStock-543363342 


A work trend that continues to increase in popularity is flexible work schedules. Why? Several significant reasons. For employers, it is very attractive for recruiting, morale and retention purposes. It also shows employees that management is willing to partner with them over their time and extends the trust that goes with it.

For employees, it gives them something that’s most important – a sense of freedom. The majority of employees don’t want to be locked in to set hours and days. Flexible time at work allows employees to create more balance between work and personal demands.

What works for one company might not work for the next, so flexible work schedules must be completely customized by organization. There are things that must be considered such as what works in one department may not work in another. What works for one type of job, may not work for another. It’s a matter of going micro to see what is best.

Because flexible work schedules are so highly valued by employees and because the benefits to employers are tangible, it seems well worth offering a program at your business. Some of the popular practices like part-time or compressed work schedules, telecommuting or flexible summer Fridays might be well-suited for your business. But, if these aren't, there's no reason not to develop some sort of flexible work arrangement. With a little bit of creativity, you can develop just the right option. Here are some other ideas:

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7 Valuable Onboarding Messages That Will Help New Hires

Posted by Cathy Reilly

05.31.18 7 Valuable Onboarding Messages That Will Help New Hires iStock-677809012 


As new hires go through your onboarding process, they learn about how the organization is structured, become familiar with their new team and are tasked with early goals to launch their development.

While we may be progressing in our onboarding processes, are we equally progressing in what we communicate to new hires? Essentially, employees want to know they are seen as individuals, they matter and will be well supported to grow - things found beyond a paycheck.  

Here are 7 valuable onboarding messages for new hires that help support the things employees seek from their new work experience.

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How to Be a Savvy Staffing Service Consumer on the Perm Side

Posted by Cathy Reilly

05.22.18 How to Be a Savvy Staffing Service Consumer iStock-472347368 


Getting started with a staffing service can be fairly quick and easy. They are eager to have your business. You are eager for their product (qualified people for jobs). Because of this, the process
can start running away with itself. The staffing service is part of what is going to build your business, so perform your due diligence wisely. 

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Why I Would Hire U2’s Bono to Work in Human Resources

Posted by Cathy Reilly

 Bono close up IMG_3585


Last week I saw U2 perform in San Jose. My sister Patty, a superfan of the band, flew in from Tampa to see them and treated me to the concert. Between tours in the U.S. and Ireland, this was her thirty first concert. My second. As last minute luck would have it, we were in the right place at the right time to personally meet Bono several hours before the show started.

Upon meeting the legendary Paul David Hewson, (his real name), I couldn’t help but be impressed about who I observed as the person on the street with his fans outside the stadium that afternoon and Bono, the icon, on stage in front of thousands that night.

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How to Apply the 20/50/30 Rule to Onboarding

Posted by Cathy Reilly

 05.08.18 Applying the 20.50.30 Rule iStock-870244324


Over the last five years, I’ve seen onboarding take a dramatic turn by employers. Many more have come to realize the importance of an effective new hire onboarding process and the high cost when it’s lacking. But, despite how onboarding is evolving, the statistics tell us that:

  • 20% of new hires leave within the first 45 days of employment (source)

  • 50% of new hires working hourly, leave their jobs in the first 120 days (source)

  • 90% of new hires are deciding during their first six months of employment whether they’ll stay or leave. (source)

So what is happening that new hires are not staying in jobs at higher rates? What is still not working, even though we have innovative recruiting and pre-screening methods, disruptive technology, improved testing, more advanced interview processes and collaborative decision-making to hire right?

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Why You Need To Shrink Your HR Processes Over Time

Posted by Cathy Reilly

 04.24.18 Why You Need to Shrink iStock-669853862


  Work processes should be designed with a disclaimer:

Caution: This process is meant to shrink over time.
It will become outdated due to changing technologies,
evolving labor laws and innovative thinking inside our organization.

Most of the processes in human resources require numerous steps, have built-in time delays, are confusing, hard to teach to others or just don’t make sense any more. The list goes on and on. Many procedures have outlived their usefulness. Do things really need to be so complicated? How are these inflated processes hurting the overall value and perception of human resources in an organization? Imagine what simpler procedures can do for a company’s performance and profits?

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15 Ways to Jump-Start a Disengaged Employee

Posted by Cathy Reilly


04.17.18 15 Ways to Jump-Start a Disengaged Employee iStock-695614764

On the one hand, we want employees to stay in their jobs, but on the other hand, it means facing the challenge of keeping tenured employees connected, productive, and passionate about their work. It’s engagement. Otherwise, boredom or just getting by through minimal efforts results. This is not what creates winning work environments or profitable companies.

Disengagement becomes a disease of indifference among employees, and it costs plenty. Gallup reports in their latest State of the Global Workforce Report that such disengagement comes with a $7 trillion price tag globally in lost productivity.

Best practiced with a coaching management style, try any of these to get the conversation going with a disengaged employee, remove them from the sidelines and make them part of things again:

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If You Really Want Work/Life Balance, It Starts Right Here

Posted by Cathy Reilly


 04.10.18 If You Really Want Work Life Balance iStock-804544270

Achieving work/life balance is worth it. Without it, it makes us unhappy at home and unhappy at work. On the job, it leads to burnout, less productivity, higher turnover rates and lower morale. At home, it makes us absentee from families and friends, depletes our joy and impacts aspects of our health.  Achieving work/life balance is worth it.

In a survey by Family Living Today, the U.S. ranks 30th out of 38 countries in the work/life balance department, which means we are in the lowest 20%. It also shows that 33% of employed adults in the U.S. work on an average Saturday, Sunday or holiday. We have room for improvement.

And, here’s where it starts.

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This Is Absolutely Part Of A Company's Culture

Posted by Cathy Reilly


 04.03.18 Every Job Candidate Deserves Respectful Closure iStock-178148242

A friend of mine has been in a job search for a while now. She is a seasoned corporate relocation specialist. We met up for coffee recently and she told me about a trip she took from California to Philadelphia (on her dime) for a very promising job interview. She left the interview with the impression it went very well, headed back to the west coast and awaited further word.

I have another friend who is in an HR job search in Manhattan for several months now. She has
gone on numerous interviews, all of which seemed to go positively. So far, nothing concrete has materialized, but she is remaining optimistic.

Unfortunately, for my friends, after days and weeks of waiting for a response, job offers have not been extended. But, what is most striking is that despite both sending Thank You letters and follow up inquiries as to their status as viable candidates, neither were provided any type of response. Not a word. And, it’s this last piece of the job interview process that really stings for both of them.

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