Breaking Through the Artificial Intelligence Barrier in HR

Posted by Cathy Reilly


When I heard about Ben Eubank’s new book: Artificial Intelligence for HR, I knew it was a “must-read” for me, given some of my AI concerns in HR: How will AI impact the hiring processes, will it de-personalize employee experiences, overwhelm us with big data and what new skills will be needed to really be successful in HR of the future?

With Ben’s expertise, I knew his take on AI for HR would be valuable, plus I needed to break through my own AI barrier. I picked up Ben’s book and poured through it. It’s filled with clear information, supportive facts, insightful examples and key takeaways. I highly recommend this book as a staple for everyone in HR and add: Read it with a highlighter, since you’ll want to note many of the gems it contains.

I had the recent privilege to catch up with Ben about Artificial Intelligence for HR. Here’s how our discussion went:


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